Sunday, July 6, 2014

Flexure Stress and Normal Stress

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Its a long time since I have posted in my Structural Engineering blog, so today I thought to discuss something in here. If I ask you the type of stresses, you may come up with the following types:

  1. Normal Stress
  2. Shear Stress
  3. Flexure Stress
    Flexure Stress Vs Normal Stress
These are the three types of stresses which we deal all along our structural engineering, arising out of so many different types of loading on the structure. I asked this question to one of my student, if there is any similarity between the first one and the third one. 

Normal stress is calculated simply as Force divided by the cross section area under action. Flexure stress is calculated with the help of the flexure formula. Now, to find out the similarility between the two, you have to consider the nature of them.
We know normal stress are either tensile or compressive, similarly, you know that the flexure stresses are also either tensile or compressive.

The main difference between the two, is that the normal stress remains constant throughout the section, but the flexure stress varies along the cross section. This shows that the similarity between the two is that the flexure stresses are also the normal stresses but with a constant variation along the cross section on which applied. 

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