Monday, January 20, 2014

Two Way Slabs - IS Codes Specification


Indian Standard codes give following specification for two way slabs for their analysis.

  • Case 1: Simply supported slabs which do not have adequate provision to resist torsion at corners, and to prevent the corners from lifting. 

Bending moment for short span,  Mx= Ax.w.Lx^2
Bending moment for long span, My = Ay.w.Ly^2
Where, Ax and Ay are moment co-efficients depending on the ratio Lx/Ly.

  • Case 2. Simply supported on the four edges and corners of the slabs are held down.
If Mx and My are maximum bending moments per unit width in the middle strip of the slab in short and long spans respectively, then
                                                   Mx = Ax.w.Lx^2
                                                  My = Ay.w.Ly^2
Where Ax and Ay are co-efficients depending on the ratio Ly/Lx.
At the corners, top and bottom reinforcement should be provided for torsion.

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