Friday, May 24, 2013

column analogy method

Column analogy method of structure analysis is used to analyse the indeterminate structures, specifically the fixed beams, arches etc. It is based on the analogy between the fixed end moments induced in a fixed beam to the pressure induced at the base of a column subjected to loading of the bending moment diagram of the basic determinate structure of the given fixed beam.
It means that first we have to make the fixed beams a determinate structure, and then we have to find out the bending moment diagram for that structure, and that diagram is used as a loading on the top of a column having the cross section as that of the beam, means, length equal to the span of the beam and width is kept as one. The pressures induced at the two ends of the column base are calculated and they are equal to the fixed end moments induced at the ends of the fixed beams.
They are superimposed with the simple supported bending moments and the final bending moment diagram is get. 
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