Friday, March 24, 2017

Solved -Shear Flow equation- Wooden Beam and Nail Spacing using

Here is an example of solved problem, when you are asked to find the shear capacity of nailed wooden beams, or asked about the spacing of nails. Leave your suggestions or doubts in the comment box below.

Problem: The two cross sections (a) and (b) of a wooden beam are shown below. Both are subjected to a vertical shear force of V. Each nail can support a shear force of 20 kN, and are spaced at 125 mm along the length of the beam. Section details:
a= 250 mm, b= 35 mm, c= 265 mm, d = 180 mm, and e= 300mm. Assume the sections are uniform along the length of the beam. Find:
(A) Maximum applicable shear force on member (a)
(B) Maximum applicable shear force on member (b)
(C) Adjust the spacing of the weaker member for the maximum of the forces found in part (A) and part (B).



Friday, March 17, 2017

Solved- ILD(Influence Line Diagram) - Shear Force and Bending Moment Overhang Beam


The overhang beam shown is pinned at A and roller supported at B. Using equilibrium approach, derive and draw the influence line for
(a) horizontal and vertical support reactions at A.
(b) the vertical support reaction at B.
(c)The shear at C.
(d)The moment at C.